About Varsity BPM™️

Varsity BPM™️ is a media company based out of Fort Worth, Tx. Mainly featuring Hip-Hop and R&B, but also covering sports, fashion, and other news pertinent to the culture.

Here we also provide a platform for upcoming artists, producers, DJ’s, photographers and videographers to be posted. Introducing our audience to their craft, building more fans, and increasing exposure.



Founded in 2017 by Nysse Nelson, also known as MVP NY$$E, in order to provide a place for young artist to explore and grow their craft. This dream of hers, that started with just a few music artist has quickly expanded and Varsity BPM™️now helps develop artist of all kinds. Whether you are a musician, producer, photographer, or budding journalist, Varsity BPM™️ can provide a space for you to explore your art.

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