Ausha Reveals New EP Title, Grammy Nomination Goals and her Struggles

Ausha spoke with us by phone here at "Varsity BPM" Tuesday afternoon and gave us the title of her upcoming EP and to announce her future musical endeavors.

Ausha took us on a journey of her struggles as a starving artist before going into the details of her new music. The 23 year old Huntsville, Alabama born singer moved to Atlanta, Georgia at 9 years old, graduated high school and left home shortly after with dreams of one day singing herself into a major record deal.

The singer’s love for Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey leads Ausha into describing her sound as a modern 90’s R&B vibe; putting emphasis on how she wants to "bring back real singing" to R&B music. She said that life inspires her to write about her pain, heartbreak and happy moments; creating her art using her own personal life experiences.

A song called “Fall Further” which Ausha said she wrote while being in a 5 year back and forth relationship is her biggest streaming release to date. The actual song was recorded in a basement in Atlanta, but that didn’t stop it from pulling in over 73,000 plays on SoundCloud. She explains to us that this was one of her most passionate songs because it was during a time in her life when she was taking her music career seriously, she was homeless, sleeping on couches and even in her car at times for months.

Listen to "Fall Further" below on SoundCloud by Clicking on Image.

It was after she met boyfriend Taylor also known as Tay Creations, a music producer based in Atlanta that she started to invest everything into her ambitions and dreams. Ausha explains that it’s the support she receives from him, her mother; who became pregnant at 19 years old right before signing a record deal and her sisters that motivate her the most. She added that she's always wanted to be a singer and travel the world and having her family believe in her is all the support she needs.

A song called “Hold Me” which Ausha said will be on her upcoming EP expresses the singer in what seems to be a time where she was vulnerable and honest with her true emotions. With lyrics like “baby here’s my heart don’t walk away, I need you to stay here, hold me” and “I got a lot up on my shoulders, gets worse ‘cause I’m only getting older”. It’s safe to say that this track was inspired by one of her own journeys through life, love and heartbreak.

Listen to "Hold Me" on Apple Music below by Clicking on Image.

Ausha now self managed revealed the title of her very first EP “Then & Now” and explained the meaning. “It represents my life these past 3 years, figuring myself out, making music and believing in myself,” Ausha said. She confirmed that it will be solely produced by boyfriend Tay Creations. She expresses how she faces the challenge of society expecting her to be a sex symbol with a raunchy image and how she will use her classiness and her voice as a weapon in this sex driven industry through her music and visuals.

With no release date yet for her new body of work Ausha tells us that her biggest goals are to partner with a label and dream team that will one day earn her both a Grammy nomination and award in the near future. The singer has big plans of releasing visuals, more music and also her own performance set and musical experience for her fans.

Watch Ausha's cover to Ella Mai's "Trip" below.

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