KC the Florida Boy is making waves in Texas

KC doesn't consider himself a rapper or a singer; just an artist. New to music but still delivers a unique sound of his own. This artist is fighting his own battles in life while taking on the music game head first as a new signee to 2euce the Label; an independent label based out of Ft. Worth, Texas.

Check out his latest single "Yung KC" now.

Click image to stream his new single "Yung KC"

KC only has two songs on his Soundcloud at the time, but a lot can be expected from this artist and his future releases. Giving us a rundown of his life in his latest release we can anticipate more honesty and straight forward lyrics from this artist. He doesn't hesitate to express his feelings toward the police aka "12" based off his current legal situation. KC is about his money and on his grind along with his label mates Jedikiah, TJay and Wuhnted; that will all be featured in an upcoming Varsity BPM "Off The Bench" interview shot earlier this month.

Connect with KC below:

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/2eucekc/

Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/5kc

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