Jordan Air Young versus the world in his latest single release

Brand new release from Jordan Air Young "vs the world" Produced by Brody is out now.

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Tulsa, Oklahoma artist Jordan Air Young releases his highly anticipated single "vs the world" after promising his fans a release early October. Jordan slows his flow down and attacks the Brody production bar for bar with powerful lyrics and a complete change of his normal content. In the first verse he spits "my brother said believe, you can achieve, don't worry bout them hatin' ass niggas let 'em be" and "I remember feelin' like I was nothing, wishin' that they would love me, worried why they been hatin' but I ain't worried bout nothin'. It is clear to any listener that the now 17 year old reality TV star is growing up and making his own decisions.

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This young artist has evolved rapidly since they airing of "The Rap Game Season 4". The teenage rap star explained to his fanbase recently via social media that he was entering adulthood, growing up, learning from his mistakes and is tired of putting up a filter and warned his audience to prepare for him to break out of his shell with stronger content, and that he would still continue to spread love and positivity as always. Expect a full body of work from this artist very soon.

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