Getting Dough while building a Dream Team with Jay Roc in "The Boot"

Jay Roc (Jonathan) is making real boss moves from Louisiana, Alabama, Texas and the dirty south period. The CEO of his own company, Capo Management Group LLC, to recently becoming the Vice President of Brand Development at Get Dough Music Distribution which provides worldwide music distribution. Jay Roc is working with an a-team roster of artists down in the state also known as "The Boot".

It was only a month ago when we covered the contract signing of Jay Roc's rap artist Ced Escobar signing his $70k distribution deal contract with Get Dough Distribution for one album. Since doing so Ced Escobar has already released his latest single "Cappin" featuring the Baton Rouge superstar rapper NBA Youngboy; we've also been told from a very reliable source that there is a joint project with the two artists releasing early 2019. (Photography by Ce - G.M.R.S tv)

CLICK IMAGE BELOW to stream "Cappin" now on Apple Music.

Jay Roc is wearing many hats but handling it with finesse and real life hustle. In addition to the major plays being made by his artist Ced Escobar he is managing the career of female rap artist Pretty Yellow who you can catch on the television network BET's new reality show "The Next Big Thing" scheduled to air in April 2019. The Covington, Louisiana artist has already dropped hot singles this year like her solo single "Pressure" and a collaboration with Ced Escobar in "Catch Up". It is safe to say that you can expect way more to come from Pretty Yellow before the year 2018 ends and the New Year begins. Stay tuned and grab a cable subscription so you don't miss out.

WATCH Pretty Yellow in the "Pressure" music video BELOW NOW.

Last but not least on the roster of Jay Roc's artist he's pushing another female talent and also a Louisiana native, DaLovely. She comes with a very unique sound of her own in her new single "Glock 9" that was delivered to us with a dope visual shot by Rich Porter. The Dirty Glove Bastard exclusive video release has only been out for a week and she is independently running up her views as a new artist. Da Lovey started her own sound and is using her vocal range to deliver her story of life in the streets from her view in Baton Rouge. Be on the lookout for a first quarter project release from her titled "Lovely Chronicles".

WATCH "Glock 9" NOW BELOW. (DGB Exclusive music video)

If you would like to keep up with Jay Roc and his team of rising stars connect with them all using the info below.

Jay Roc -Instagram @jayroc_capoking

Ced Escobar - Instagram @ced.escobar

Pretty Yellow - Instagram @prettyyellow

DaLovely - Instagram @dalovelyyy


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