Time for you to Come to Your Senses with JonoJono

Every now & then JonoJono is struck with Cupid’s arrow. With a different outlook each time... love helped him to mold into the artist that he is today. Love, in its truest form is expressed through the 3 things he’s mastered in music.

Not only can JonoJono sing in a way that gives listeners chills but he also is a natural when it comes to playing some scintillating guitar chords & writing emotionally moving songs. Influenced by the likes of Musiq Soulchild, Erykah Badu, Pearl Jam & Prince he identifies his sound as ROCK&B which in turn, has helped JonoJono to separate himself from the rest.

By using amplified synthesisers, a soft yet passionate vocal arrangement & a line of guitar riffs from track to track, JonoJono is able to extract different feels from the audience.

Born in Coral Springs, Florida this singer began creating music after college. In 2010 JonoJono started producing with the help of a guitar & a vision. As a result JonoJono ended up creating chill vibe instrumentals & from there, JonoJono began making his own.

JonoJono now lives in Houston, Tx & is still creating a mass of singles. However the one that has grasped the most attention is Senses with the help of Jaz Lavar, "I am pretty shook at how well it's doing." says JonoJono "I started producing the song a little after Wavy released in the summertime. Basically I based it off of what people go through with different feels & sensations as a young black man."

So what does a black man's life look like JonoJono asks? It's scrolling & BS'ing, negative content because so much is going on in life. But JonoJono understands & that's why he writes about certain topics.

Senses dropped in November but it already has 50K streams! "Without Jaz Lavar's creative mind, it really wouldn't of been possible" JonoJono goes on to say "He played different riffs, guitar layers & bass lines. From there I wrote the lyrics & then it just it blasted off!"

Stream JonoJono's debut single "Senses" below now.

Aside from playing the guitar, JonoJono also plays the piano, drums, alto sax & violin, "If you really want to create that sound for yourself, learn your craft" says JonoJono "Like Prince said, I respect an artist that knows their craft."

Although it's a blessing that JonoJono is multitalented in playing instruments, he also gives credit to his very own manager, "It's a blessing to have him as a creative photographer & director" when we asked him why he feels this way. "I am forever grateful."

Overrall, JonoJono's goal is to release his LP in 2019. He also hopes to one day collaborate with Childish Gambino.

Things are working as they should & in this hectic life -- JonoJono is able to take it by the throat.

For more on JonoJono follow him on Instagram - @jonojono_official

Photography provided by Cassixy

Visit www.cassixy.com

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