Album Review: Senta The Artist "Picking Up The Pieces"

It's an empowering feeling when one leaves a toxic relationship but at time.. making that same decision can make or break you.

Luckily enough tho, we have Senta the Artist to assure us females that we just don't need that man! That it's fine to be alone & focus on yourself. But most importantly to wear OUR crowns because we are queens.

Both naturally intuitive & sweet like candy, Senta the Artist is able to carry a note lightly while switching it up with bluntful rhymes to back up her gangsta appeal.

Her production itself makes me reminsce of a time where heartfelt R&B was on its prime in the 90's/2000's but it's more apparent in her latest 6 tracked LP "Picking Up The Pieces," which speaks about the personal aftermath of a relationship that just goes bad (yet it doesn't make her too bitter.)

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Approaching relationships with a more carefree attitude, she's able to do & say as she pleases because lets face it — she has better things to worry about.

From the first to last track, one can expect also a mix of Dreezy & Deja Loaf inspired flows but it carries her own charisma.

She's focused on collecting her dues at the bank, so she stays on the chase. Loving one & losing one has taught her alot over the years. Now it's her time to shine.

In the first track, Butterflies she speaks about an on & off love but deep down she always will claim them as hers no matter the circumstances. Following her subtle vocality, is some calming guitar chords and range of hi-hats which makes the listener feel at ease. For myself I imagine it being a summer time love.

Transitioning into the second track, Senta the Artist slows down the production of Real Love by Mary J. Blige & brings the heat with some (not so) remorseful bars about an ex that did her wrong. Love really does conquer all, but unfortunately for Senta's ex it is a bit too late. Although he may have an abundant of cash he can't buy the greatest gift of all & that's okay because she's moved on for the better. She wishes the best for him but still wishes that she knew of what he was really capable of.

With bed squeaks & a burp base, Senta the Artist's message is very clear in the third song The Aftermath. She's basically saying that she's not phased by these little boys. Senta the Artist doesn't believe in the fairytales (but with her prominence she is living one). Although she's trusted in the past, it didn't work in her favor so now she's being selfish with her time. Senta the Artist loves herself enough to know that she deserves the best which is her.

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By the fourth track, Adolescent the listener gets a savoring treat of cruise controlled vibes & crystalized singing from Senta. She doesn't mean to be rude but the only thing that she is focused on is building her own empire (even if he is a pure gentlemen.) Due to her past experiences, she refuses to be a fool & so she goes to collect her chips instead.

Enticed by the opposite sex, Senta goes beyond her limits in the fifth track "I Want You". The beat alone is seductive, from it's knick knacks to the rise & falling pattern of the guitar chords (we even want a bite of what's on her plate!) In spite of him being taken, Senta doesn't seem to care. She wants at all cost & won't stop until it happens.

Finally in the sixth track Star, Senta the Artist's swaggs out in her rhymes(and has every right to). She speaks about her greatness but most importantly doesn't forget where she's from or what she's been through. Flexing at a scale of 100, this songstress knows that from now on she's going nowhere but up.

And so, Picking Up The Pieces focuses on a female who goes for the kill & leaves with a W instead of an L. She has gained the greatest thing out of all of this: Herself.

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By: Natalee Gilbert

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