Single Review: Don't Come Around Here

Flowing effortlessly into your earstream, .blank splashes a fusion of light tango, playful drums & nostalgia under the hard bars that are spit by Chris Patrick, Duyan Joy & Baby Phace.

Masters of double entredres, smooth deliveries & ambidexterous flows these three kings are far from phased & advise you "not to come here with that bullsh*t". Their main focus is riding for their homies, prominece & craft so they could care less about you or your opinion really.

Very near to the come-up, make sure to listen to .blank's project "esmeralda" which features some of the illest rappers from Jerz.

CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW TO STREAM "Don't Come Around Here" now.

Follow the Artists on Instagram:

.blank - @puntoblank

Duyan Joy - @dxyan__

Chris Patrick - @xchrispatrick

Baby Phace - @abyphace__

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