Process Of Elimination with Boogotti Kasino - Album Review

Demanding your attention within the first three seconds of the album Ft. Worth, Texas rapper BooGotti Kasino and Dirty Water Music Group/Voss Entertainment signee let’s us know he is not to be approached with the nonsense, he has a zero tolerance for it and you might make the news if you fail to follow these rapid but crystal clearly pronounced lyrics delivered in almost the tone of a drill sergeant in the first track “Breaking News”. In the next track “Flex” he changes the pace to a very catchy, repetitive hook and gives us a dope collaboration with label mate, Lil Ronny MothaF who is said to be “the hottest rapper in Dallas, Texas... period” by BooGotti himself. In track 3 “Get The Money” BooGotti shows us where his focus is and that’s on the money; motivating the listeners, his fans and all the youngins in the streets to “go get the money”. He is most definitely eliminating all other things that takes away from his success throughout the project. BooGotti Kasino takes the time in “Hot Summer” to let us know that some of these rappers are not really about what they rap about; he goes into detail in the verse touching basis on how rappers lie about their street credit, drug dealings, killings and are fabricating their lyrics and are not really a part of the street lifestyle at all. The passion and aggression in his voice always puts the stamp on how honest he’s being in his music then BooGotti hits a complete 360 on the following track “Mistress”. He explained to us in an exclusive interview that he doesn’t really like the song and not because it’s necessarily a bad song but more so how different and out the box it is for him. He goes on to let us know once again that he doesn’t really like it but it was good for his overall project.

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When it comes to features, what would this project be without Kasino Gang’s very own Lil Cj. Lil Cj is another Ft. Worth rapper on the rise and named the best rapper in Ft. Worth by BooGotti Kasino himself. He makes his presence on track 7 “That’s All We Do” with his vocals taking over the hook and a fire second verse to follow up BooGotti on the first verse of the song. The two give us an insider on how the life can really get and how they move in the streets to stay on top and get to the ultimate goal "the racks". Boogotti and Lil Cj seem to handle all smoke and beef the street way and have both lived a life of trappin' which brings me to the next track; “Trappin In Traffic” BooGotti’s favorite song on the entire project; we were told that nothing was over exaggerated in the lyrics, every word is true, not a bar is fabricated. He told us that when he was making the song he was, “thanking God that he’s not living that street lifestyle anymore”. BooGotti explains that the song means a lot to him and because for the first time he can talk about things that would have gotten him locked up in his past life. Which brings me to the last song of BooGotti Kasino’s “Process Of Elimination” and it features a Houston native by the alias Kilo Santana singing the hook and blending in perfectly with BooGotti’s opening verse hopping right on the beat before it even drops with some very defined and heavy bars over piano keys as he switches his flow right before the beat drops with Kilo Santana back dooring him with his unique vocals. Listening to Kilo Santana sing the hook gives this song exactly what it needed to bring BooGotti’s lyrics to life and the recently released visual shot by Mello Vision even more life and potential to be a big record. Overall you will definitely experience the growth and advancement in Boogotti, it defines his transition into a newly signed music artist with a new vision, career and different path. We look forward to his future projects that we have been told are already in production, titled and ready to hit the streets whenever BooGotti feels the time is right.

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