Single Review -VOXKEYATCH! "Beam Me Up"

With a hook that stays stuck in your head & layers of light yet mesmerizing tickled piano chords, VOXKEYATCH’s new song “Beam Me Up” will make your brain churn with ideas.

Feeding off nothing but peaceful, fun spirited vibes, VOXKEYATCH’s interchanging flows & fun flair puts the listener at ease when it comes to doing the next task.

According to the rising star “This song is an attempt to make a song that was both whimsical and catchy at the same time. Essentially the song is about putting in work to achieve your goals, but it's meant to be presented in a way that it comes off as a silly song that people can have fun too.”

There are two references that listeners should focus on:

1. The Beam Me Up reference is VOXKEYATCH calling out for Scotty, experiencing awkward silence & realizing he has to get to work myself to reach high heights.

2. In the beginning he is saying Get to Work in japanese, because it was the first song he recorded upon return from a 3 year stay in northern Japan.

Stack your paper, get to the bag & click the IMAGE below:

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