Single Review - Wanna Tell You: Dre Skuffs

Seductive in its own manner, the production that Dre Skuffs chose for this track leaves a perfect imprint for his emotionally captivating rhymes.

Followed by some slick Spanish murmurs and silhouetted piano chords, the multi dexterous Dre Skuffs places himself in the tale as a knuckleheaded young bull who’s just “DTF” with a beautiacious woman.

As a result, Dre leaves room for milennials to relate & ponder on.

Wanna Tell You shows others that their are consequences to every action we make so it's best to consider all of the outcomes.

This song is guaranteed to impact the youth in a positive way while shedding light on Dre's star power.

Click the IMAGE below to here this & more from his latest album, Shade Theory

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