Single Review - Jay Illicit "Electric Blye" (Prod. Elias)

Crossfading into your background, Electric Blye starts with a brush of guitar & piano chords.

The slowed down production then adds in some soft yet savoring vocals along with a hitting drum & an emphasized piano arrangement (Oddly enough it [the production] seems resonate with Slum Village’s The Look of Love Pt 1).

As the singer croons the infectious hook “Can you feel it in the night time? All that I need is you,” Jay Illicit blares in some words that can be felt. Even though he’s been through the ringer, Jay tries to come up with solutions on how to make it instead of taking the easy way out.

Towards the end, he also pays his respect to a person who meant a lot to him & says that he will continue holding it down. The hook then channels itself right in time for the ending so we too can remember what it’s like to need someone.

Tune into Jay Illicit’s sound & more.

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