Single Review - "$ins" by Chappoxx

The eerie production is enough to crawl up your skin but what heightens your goosebumps most is the foggy-like piano riffs & hi-hats.

Whilst the melodious auto-tune sings the hook “I’m making money off my sins, got enough for all my friends/I can’t make it till the end/Pray the lord forgive my sins.” The 3 go Danny Phantom — warping in the song with out-of-mind rhymes & built-up aggression.

They really get the jist of the root of all evil & at one point they question “What can I pay for the prophet?/ What can I pay if I stop it?”

Overall — this is a song that definitely pinpoints the pros & cons money carries with it.

Ten toes down, make sure to check out Chappoxx’s latest album “ihysm”.

Check out “$ins” below by CLICKING on the IMAGE:

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