Single Review - "Misunderstood" 2Ble$$ed:

2Ble$$ed turns back the hands of time in his single Misunderstood.

As he spits about how a 9-to-5 just won't cut it, 2Ble$$ed brings awareness on what he's surrounded by on a daily basis. (e.g: Blocks where I live is where you're going to see real thugs/Dad's taking care of their kids, homie that's real love.) With this in mind, he brings hip-hop back to its origin by using a boom-bap beat to stress how he's just like us.

Ultimately 2Ble$$ed is trying to make a name for himself. However, 2Ble$$ed will never forget where he's come from. Realness runs through his vains.

Smoke a fat joint with the MC & click the IMAGE below:

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