Single Review - "Hero" by Coldhc

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Only concerned with his blow-up, Coldhc's booby traps the “rats” in the hip-hop industry & goes on to make a solid banger called “Hero.”

Although the song was released a month ago, it still finds a way to infinite playlists. Besides Coldhc’s infectious auto tuned voice singing “I am not a hero,” the production is enough to make the floor shake. Not only does it leave room for triple-stacked synths but it also uses an undefiable bass & snares.

Equally important, Coldhc keeps up with the same energy. One of my favorite punchlines from the song is “She fine like wine/I’ma pop a cork.” If you’re looking to be saved from listening to the same carbon-copied artist, look no further.

Check out "Hero" by clicking the photo below:

By: Natalee Gilbert

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