Album Review - 'Here I Was' by Cale Holland

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Los Angeles-based artist, Cale Holland is a genre-defying musician, often pairing invigorating elements with house, R&B or EDM offerings. His songs often explore puppy love, heartbreaks, friendships, and other things he's experienced. Cale Holland's newest project, Here I Was, goes in-depth about these very topics over alternative, house, and pop soundscapes. Standout tracks include "Want U Bad" and "What It Look Like."

Cale Holland is greatly influenced by artists such as The Gorillaz, The Weeknd, and Kid Cudi. He moved from Jacksonville, Florida, to Los Angeles to dig deeper into the music field. At the moment, Cale is focused on ascending.

"Want U Bad" starts with a playful tone, upping the production with xylophone loops, cymbals, and kick-snares. The theme at hand centers on Cale's willingness to fight for the girl of his dreams. The hook even sings, "I want you bad. I don't care even if I get you mad." Deeper into the song, Cale addresses his love interest, saying that he's aware of how he makes her feel. Deeper into the song, Cale addresses his love interest, saying that he's aware of how he makes her feel. "I can see you what you wanna do? I can tell that you wanna hold hands," he raps in a monotone fashion. Afterward, he urges her to drop the zero and get with the hero. "I can see what you, what you've been through/Baby, you should break up with your man/Cause we got real potential." Elsewhere, he expresses why he fancies her. Before the song closes, Cale admits that he's falling in love.

In one minute and thirty-six seconds, Cale says that he's moved on for the better in "What It Look Like." Blending xylophone loops with an alternative soundscape, "What It Look Like," tells the story of him and former lovers who seemingly have an on and off relationship. This time around, Cale showcases a melodic vocality, and some might concur that it's akin to a member of the rap group, BROCKHAMPTON. "She don't need a wake-up call/We do this every morning/She feels the need to force it/She feels like it's important/It's alright, don't want you in my spotlight," he sings. Amid the song closing, the bassline gets more massive.

Listen to Here I Was by Cale Holland below, just click the photo.

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