Album Review - 'Thank you, for being you' by THE i OF A GENiUS

New Jersey-based musician, THE i OF A GENiUS, is well-known for using his signature raspy tonality to address specific issues within our society. Flipping through his discography, you'll come to know that the artist uses a laid-back approach and embraces who he is. Despite other people's opinions, THE i OF A GENIUS sticks to his guns and stays true to who he is. His newest 6-track mixtape, Thank you, for being you pushes self-love and acceptance. Sonically, the project draws from jazzy arrangements and lo-fi elements. Not to mention, THE i OF A GENIUS has been working on this tape since 2015. 

"Thank you, for being you is an E.P that communicates my views on day-to-day surroundings," he says. "This project entails personality and self-understanding. I want fans and new listeners to appreciate their skin and love themselves dearly. We live in a world full of hate so you can only expect someone to love as deep as they can, not many got it, learn to appreciate yourself and others who show it greatly." 

Standout tracks include "Skies the Limit (prod. Phonosys)," "HiGHBEAM (prod. SUNNYMAC)," and "BULLET FLY WITH BIRDS (Prod. OHRAI)." 

The second song off Thank you, for being you, "Skies the Limit (prod by Phonosys)," carries a soundscape that's akin to Isaiah Rashad's "Tity and Dolla (feat, Hugh Augustine and Jay Rock." The only difference is the tempo, which is sped up a little more, and the focus is on saxophone and piano loops rather than other elements. The lyrics at hand speak on civil rights violations like criminal profiling, self-acceptance, and a love for music. He raps, "Intricate mind ya business/Scripted in hieroglyphics/Lifted to my expectations," and "Who could you call a witness/When they could calmly visit /Fittin the law description/Listen we are the victim/Pivot in warfare image." 

Uplifting the listen with an ambient, lo-fi backdrop, THE I OF A GENIUS' "HIGHBEAM (prod by Sunny)," explores mental battles, 'tying the knot' with ascending growth (or fighting against the current), and the endangerment behind smoking a spliff on route (solely because of police officers) In essence, the rapper uses oscillating flows and his signature rasp to relay this message to others. Towards the middle, "HIGHBEAM" is led by a wind percussion and lightly-knocking 808's. As "HIGHBEAM" closes off, the "SWIMMN" rapper reminisces on carefree moments like 'being stoned cold and hitting the bong.'

"BULLET FLY WITH BIRDS (prod by OHRAI)" is the second to last track off the tape. Cadence-wise, THE i OF A GENIUS crossovers between a multi-syllable and bouncy one. The song's production is tranquil and carries bird chirps, cymbal chords, and a low hitting church bell. On "BULLET FLY WITH BIRDS," the rapper goes in-depth about gun violence against our youth and how having a voice is the most influential component towards positive change. "Another bird is flyin'. Another crow is cryin'/Another murder risin'/Just some feathers high up/Nigga your mind stuck/This is that live hunt." he raps. 

Listen to Thank you, for being you by THE i OF A GENIUS below, click the photo:

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