ATA 1Hunnit is back in ATL and Prepared to Get it Out the Mud with his Brothers

Independent recording artist ATA 1Hunnit is five mixtapes deep in the game and has revealed to us at Varsity BPM that he has over 200 unreleased songs in his catalog and counting.

With the release of his fifth mixtape this spring titled "I'm Dedicated" inspired by Lil Wayne and DJ Drama's dedication mixtape series he is back home in Atlanta where he was raised and where he says he "learned a lot just from being here".

ATA 1Hunnit has a discography of five released mixtapes to date. Starting with "Million Dollar Dreams" a 14-track project full of his biggest dreams and aspirations, "Still Broke" a followup to his first release, and two collaboration tapes "5 & New Wavvvee" with Season 11 of American Idol contestant David Leathers Jr and his latest release "I'm Dedicated" hosted by DJ Supreme the Great.

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The self motivated artist let us know straight forward by saying, "this is what I want in life". He tells us that he would only sign to one record label and one label only and that is the Atlanta powerhouse, QC "Quality Control Music" ran by Coach K and P; both responsible for breaking some of ATL's biggest acts including the rap group Migos, Lil Yachty, Lil Baby, Renni Rucci and the list goes on. If he can't sign with this specific label he doesn't mind getting it out the mud with his brothers.

ATA 1Hunnit said his biggest struggle is dealing with some of the lame artists he's encountered in the industry that waste time, and don't want to link up and make something' shake; which we know can be a major key to getting the right exposure in this game. He doesn't let this take him away from one of the reasons why he does this and that is to help his loved ones that he has seen in and I quote "fucked up positions" into a better life.

Now working on his next project "I'm Dedicated 2" a followup to his most recent release it seems to be the start of a "dedicated" music series of his own. I guess we all have to sit patient and find out what's next from this rapidly growing artist as he works his way to the top with or without a deal.

New music brought to you by ATA 1Hunnit - We Ball/Interlude (Official Music Video) from his latest mixtape "I'm Dedicated".

Watch below.

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