Baybe Kera - "Bluetooth"

Baybe Kera is breaking through the hip-hop scene with a story and sound that's unmatched by her peers. Within each song release, the femcee speaks about life experiences, lessons, and how to pick yourself up again when life knocks you down. She also communicates to fans about how important loving yourself is, along with words of encouragement. Contrary to the rapper's today, she uses her lyrical gift to uplift women everywhere instead of pushing sex appeal. Sonically, Baybe Kera's musical styling crossovers between R&B-type, somber, and aggressive trap beats.

She's gotten sign-offs from rap icons Casanova, Lady London, and CashFlow Harlem, to name a few.

Shakera Briana Fyffe, better known by her stage name Baybe Kera was born in Jamaica and came to the United States at two years old. Amidst being raised in New Jersey, as an only child in a single-parent home, she witnessed her father's struggles. Not having a stable home made it difficult for her to enjoy her childhood. Furthermore, the absence of her mother sparked Kera to learn the ways of becoming a lady.

Because of her parents' separation, Kera believed that there was no hope in good relationships, but soon, she gained more insight. As Kera became older, her pain became her biggest glory. It gave her hunger, strength, and courage. In the words of Kera, diving into her "rap book," writing is what kept her happy.

Baybe Kera's latest single, "Bluetooth," is a bass-led trap offering that finds the emerging artist delivering bars about chasing a bag and the result of doing so. She also puts haters to rest by letting the success speak for her prominence. Through a fast, bouncy cadence, she raps,

"Baybe Kera known throughout the tri-state/ Pretty ass chick with a nice shape/ B*tches be mad, they see me moving on the road/ And if I'm hiding, I'm in my bag, yeah I let that 40 blow."

She also showcases a strong suit of confidence, inspiring those listening to love themselves at all cost and to never cave into someone's depreciating remarks.

"Bluetooth" is a follow up to her single, "Drink" which is assisted by a music video. Watch it here.

Listen to Bluetooth by Babye Kera here:

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