Baybe Kera - "Wallet Handy Freestyle"

Updated: May 2

Baybe Kera is the next burgeoning artist to come out of the tri-state area. Her approach to the microphone is like no other, as she uses personal experiences to propel her immaculate wordplay. Likewise, she motivates women worldwide to stay true to who they are. Self-love is the best love, after all.

Sonically, Baybe Kera's musical styling crossovers between somber and aggressive trap beats.

She's gotten seals of approval from rap icons Casanova, Lady London, and CashFlow Harlem, to name a few.

Watching cyphers with her cousins and having freestyle battles propelled her towards hip-hop. At a young age, Baybe Kera loved Remy Ma's aggression. Once she got older, she started being influenced by Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, and Cardi B. She's also moved by Drake and The Notorious B.I.G.

As an independent artist, she's proud of gaining recognition without a team. In actuality, she's behind the scenes doing all the work.

"I want my legacy to be making a difference," she adds. "Healing through my music and inspiring others. Also, I want people to find enjoyment in listening to my music."

Before recording in the booth, she pens words about her past, present, and desired future.

Her song "Wallet Handy Freestyle" is a piano-driven trap offering that finds Baybe Kera using a self-assertive approach. Lyrically, she expresses the hate she receives from females because of how put together she is. Because of how she carries herself, Baybe Kera comes across potential suitors. But, if they aren't ambitious or working towards something, she's not afraid to show them where the exit is.

"In a hot pink mink look like cotton candy/He gon wanna marry, wanna start a family/So does every nigga that come holler at me/I got bitches tryna bring drama at me."

Afterward, the rapstress addresses the females who try to mimic her style and defame her. Using a slick punchline, she spits, "Hoes want the kitty, wanna copycat me." Then, "If you gotta problem, then you gotta @ me."

Before the song ends, the "Bluetooth" hitmaker reminds others why she's widely known for being the baddest lady in the game. Moreover, she leaves a warning for those who try pushing her buttons.

"What you think they call me the professor for? I teach a bitch a lesson when I test a jaw."

The music video for "Wallet Handy" sees Baybe Kera in a lavish room. She dons an island-inspired tee, green pants, and, at one point, a hot pink mink coat. At the end of the video, Baybe Kera lays on a bed while flipping open a black wallet.

"The motivation behind 'Wallet Handy Freestyle' is to be creative and introduce my listeners to another side of my personality," she says.

Watch the music video for "Wallet Handy Freestyle" by Baybe Kera here.

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