J. Carter & Simba (GMG) – “Run It Up”

New Jersey artist J.Carter has collaborated with Simba, and as a result, the two have dropped a 12-track effort titled Perfect Timing. Ironically, the title speaks volumes because Carter and Simba, primarily known as GMG (Gear Money Music), have just dropped a club anthem titled “Run It Up.” The song at most carries encouraging lyrics and symbolically says that the sky’s the limit.

“Run It Up” finds the two flossing, all while speaking about their effortless grind, drip, and how they get to the bag. At the same token, Carter and Simba talk about their ways with women, putting haters to rest, and how they plan on going to the top.

In a bouncy cadence, Carter delivers,

They can’t stop it/ Got too hot like rockets/ Got all these racks all in my pocket/ I talk that sh*t and I’m not modest. Heard they watching but don’t comment/ Like they b*tches, shit is common/ All these chains sh*t might blind them/ Temp is rising, they declining.”

Carter has been on go as he gears up to have his position in the music game on lock. He’s currently in the process of shooting a visual for “Run It Up.”

“‘Run It Up’ is all about vibes and trying to do things differently. I want to run it up to the top, and I know that it would never stop with the potential I have. As long as you believe, the sky has no limit,” Carter says.

Check out the song here:

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