Jaymacmilli - Whatsdavibe

Out of all the Drake and Lil Waynes in the music realm, Jaymacmilli reigns supreme due to his different take on everything funk, pop, R&B, and hip-hop. Subsequently, the New Jersey artist says that music was his pick-me-up while adding that it told him to keep grooving. And so, the “Fireworks” wordsmith propels that “bounce” in songs that see him in a reflective or care-free mindset. 

Plus, it doesn’t hurt to mention that New Jersey is known for its signature sound: Jersey Club. This influence drives Jaymacmilli’s music styling to be more upbeat and rhythmically structured than most musicians in the game.

His latest song, “Whatsdavibe,” upholds an early 2000’s musical styling, meshing pop with R&B and Jersey Club elements. Not to mention, the tune carries 808 slides, hi-hats, a bellowing bassline, soft harmonies, and a sweet piano number. The lyrics at hand speak about a “girl who’s special special.” Cadence-wise, however, Jaymacmilli crossovers between a melodic bounce and fast rap flows. Another notable piece about “Whatsdavibe” is Jaymacmilli’s witty punchlines like:

“You’re that number that comes before 2,” and “just give me a chance like rapper.”

During Jaymacmilli’s first verse, he unveils to a crush that he enjoys their time together. Then, the lyricist admits what he thinks about her. Given the context clues, she’s one-in-a-million. Afterward, Jaymacmilli says that he won’t mistreat her, insisting that it’s not a gimmick. Ultimately he has her best interest. “I know you been through it little baby/Can I rescue you and bring you to safety?” he raps.

Following this, he concludes that he wants to show her the best things in life. The goal really is to explore her mind, body, and soul. By the one-minute-and thirty-five mark, the soundscape is submerged by its arrangements.

The majority of Jacmacmilli’s second verse sees him asking his love interest about the things she likes. After, he lists some reasons why he admires her and adventures that they can go on together. Before the song ends, Jaymacmilli drops this gem,

“We can get missing/Which way did he go? Watch the ocean, tan lotion/We drew off the X’s and O’s.”

Already garnering radio spins on his single, “Clockwork” from Hot 97’s DJ Drewski and being the opener for Fivio Foreign last year, Jaymacmilli has astounded listeners worldwide with his creative direction, charisma, and savvy yet sharp wordplay.

Born Jamarii Nahshon McDonald, Jay Macmilli was raised in the streets of Newark, New Jersey. Although he played basketball in his younger years, Jaymacmilli’s interest piqued further for hip-hop. He’d prove this by learning and rapping lyrics from hip-hop veterans like Wu-Tang Clan, Nas, 2Pac, and Notorious B.I.G. He is also knowledgeable about drug abusers and criminals, losing some family and close friends either to the jails or the streets. He brought together these influences and his parents’ optimistic view of life when he dug deep into the rap field.

Listen to Whatsdavibe by clicking here.

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