JuS - "Henny Ona Plane"

JuS is back with another single titled "Henny Ona Plane." The space trap beat-type song is accompanied by a crazy visual directed by OpeVisualz of Final Focus Films.

From a lyrical standpoint, JuS opens up about what's been on his mind lately. Although he's become successful, he's got individuals who haven't been in his corner. The reason stems from JuS dedicating his time and attention to work and traveling.

Using a melodic cadence, he spits, "I had to ditch out the city it's litty/Why can't you be happy for me?"

JuS also speaks about drifting away from people he once was close to. "I use to hang with them niggas/They chattin and asking what happened to me," he delivers.

The music video for "Henny Ona Plane" shows JuS falling from the sky and landing in a new world. While Jus is dropping bars, the camera crossovers between him dancing and walking around this unknown place with the freshest attire. Additionally, JuS can be seen rapping as the lights flicker on and off.

Watch the music video for "Henny Ona Plane" here:

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