JXPR: A Producer With A "Hunger" For Bringing Music To The Big Screens

Jackson Meade Baris, known as prodjxpr, is a producer whose beats induce a cinematic feel during every listen. His first single, "The Introduction," proves this to be true as it carries a crescendo of white noise, raging guitar chords, a twinkling piano effect, and other lively arrangements. The song just so happens to be an integration of soundscapes and film score, "Kind of like Pink Floyd's "Shine On You Crazy Diamond," he adds. The video to accompany "The Introduction" serves a lot of artistic stock imagery to the eye. In a black-and-white filter, it shows different cuts of images like a silver key, a person in all white laying down, couples embracing each other, and black smoke. To date, JXPR has uploaded NLE Choppa type beats, Lil Peep type beats, and a rescore of The Conjuring, Interstellar, and The Visit. Jackson describes his “rescores” as “electrifying soundless scenes with intricate film score and soundscapes” He's also debuted two albums called Collection 909 and Colors. "I am a communicator: I can, and will, talk to everyone." JXPR says, "I communicate through networking my companies, presenting my art, and now, by creating digital music. I never go a day without composing, mixing, or mastering. It is my addiction. I produce beats for rappers, background music for videographers, and emotional instrumentals for my audience. Passionately self-trained, I am an ever-evolving entrepreneur, athlete, and manipulator of sound. “Whether understanding myself or the world around me, I live to explore." Likewise, JXPR spent numerous years releasing beats on Soundcloud and has produced ones for various upcoming artists. 

JXPR was born on August 11, 2002, in New York. Three years later, the producer moved to East Hampton, New York, with his mother, dad, and younger sister. His Mother, Heather Baris was a successful graphic designer whose NYC based company, We Design, specialized in branding for children’s entertainment and non-for-profit agencies. Currently she is developing her new creative venture “Scribadoo”. She is one of Jackson’s biggest influences.

Musically, JXPR is self-taught, but because of his ADHD, quit school music. "I couldn't focus on playing other people's music. I just didn't enjoy it, so I dropped out of my high school band." Eventually, JXPR fought against the current and began putting extra energy towards his work. In turn, this landed him significant opportunities. At 16 years old, JXPR had the privilege to meet a famous film composer, Carter Burwell. And after Burwell showed JXPR how music could be applied to film, he never looked back.

From there, JXPR kick started his career as a composer. "I'm an advocate for ADHD kids because I turned it into my superpower," JXPR continues. "This is how I am a musician, graphic designer, entrepreneur, and recruited athlete and scholar who now attends NYU Gallatin." Following his encounter with Burwell, JXPR started to learn more about the industry. Likewise, he began rescoring films and added music to cricket-like film scenes. At this point, JXPR says this was when others started to take him more seriously. Then, as fate may have it, JXPR was invited to a private class that was run by another famous composer, Stephen Endelman. "Everybody feeds on something. It could be acceptance, accomplishment, the acquisition of possessions, or even power," JXPR says "Regardless, the intensity of our drive in life, or what I like to call the "hunger," is based on the level of enjoyment we associate with the attainment of our goals; why else would we strive to achieve them? Only after we discover what we feed on can we truly begin to understand ourselves."

Moving forward, JXPR will study digital film composition and entrepreneurship at NYU Gallatin. Overall, it's safe to say that JXPR is a beatmaker who's love for film and music takes his creativity and drive to new heights.

Watch the visual for "The Introduction" below:

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