Kurt Donavon - "Don't Let Me Go"

Kurt Donavon is an artist who uses his inner thoughts and experiences as fuel for his rock meets alternative rap/trap musical styling.

"It’s a mixture of singing and rapping channeling influence from lyrical and trap hip hop, alongside Rock and emo bands. I wear my heart on my sleeve, singing often dark and personal lyrics to connect with my listeners who seek comfort in me," he continues.

Gaining inspiration from musicians like XXXTentacion, Nirvana, and Juice WRLD, the Jersey City native brings forth emotive lyrics that speak about his trials and tribulations. At the same time, Kurt Donavan details what it's like being in love, out of love, and facing demons. Thus, making it relatable for every age group and gender.

He adds, "What inspired me to make music is seeing how the artists I listen to who have helped me through the toughest times in my life help people and save people through their music. That's something that I thought was powerful and could give me purpose in my life, to help people through my art."

He intends on saving millions with his art, moreso his captivating life lessons and stories.

Kurt Donavon's latest single, "Don't Let Me Go," finds the versatile musician going through a break-up that wasn't mutual. In a hazy-like tone, he expresses how the split has affected him. Although he's "good not without you [her]," Kurt Donavon isn't stopping her from doing what she wants. He just wishes that things worked out in the end. Afterward, Kurt Donavon explains why he thinks the relationship didn't work out.

The artist delivers, "You just feel so right, I ain't good enough, ain't what she wants me to be, it's who I wanted to be, but she just wanted to leave."

Elsewhere, he touches on his distraught state and how he wants to reconcile. Additionally, Kurt Donavon talks about how he was blind-sided by the break-up, saying,

"Wonder why you're breaking my heart any time, where to go, I ran from my problems every time."

From there, he tells those listening that he's going to work through the pain and only come out stronger.

Sonically, the song dabbles in lo-fi and soft rock.

About "Don't Let Me Go," he says,

"My motivation for it [Don't Let Me Go] was at the time of writing the song I was going through a break-up, and I wanted to create a song about me feeling unloved, lonely, and depressed because of the cruelty of people that I care about leaving me."

Moving forward, expect a concept album titled Love Me Like I'm Dead from the budding star.

Watch the music video for "Don't Let Me Go" by Kurt Donavon here:

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