Lil K00n - "Crazy"

Lil K00n has more than proven that his musical direction will take him far in the hip-hop industry. As he unites different genres with resonating bars, the rapper keeps in mind that he's leaving his mark in the world. His newest song, "Crazy," showcases Lil K00n's mastery of sound as he bridges alternative rock with straightforward lyrics that detail what happens to snakes in the grass.

Clocking in three minutes and eleven seconds, "Crazy" sees Lil K00n telling off people who try to test him. He raps, "Shit ain't the same as yesterday/Things change now/Oh so you want to play now/Just know it takes two to play around & I don't play around/I see you wanna act/Now a n*gga wanna act tough."

As the song continues, the musician speaks about individuals who try getting on his good side after realizing that they were in the wrong for their actions. "Remember them days I was broke? Remember when I was a joke? The devil dances, turn yo a** to a ghost," he delivers. Then, he iterates that he's telling the whole truth. Before "Crazy" ends, Lil K00n forewarns others who are thinking about crossing him. Sonically, he's backed up by an acoustic guitar and a soundscape that is slightly akin to XXXTentacion's song, "Revenge."

Listen to "Crazy" by Lil K00n here.

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