Luca Dayz To Drop "Blow Your Mind" With Snoop Dogg, Tina Karol, and LOE Next Friday

Award-winning R&B singer, songwriter, and record executive, Luca Dayz is readying for the debut of his newest song, "Blow Your Mind." From the context clues, it can be said that West Coast rap icon, Snoop Dogg, Ukraine singer, Tina Karol, and LOE will showcase their music flairs on the beat as well. "Blow Your Mind" premieres on August 28th, 2020.

Outside of his artistry, Luca Dayz calls the shots at the renowned international record label Bentley Records. His musical journey started at 13-years-old with a karaoke mic and a kitchen sponge as the pop filter. To record, Luca worked his way around Audacity. That same year, Luca also sent his CD to a label in Switzerland. By the time he turned 17, Luca had met Grammy-winning producer Troy Taylor. In turn, it inspired him to make music into a full-time career.

Keep your ears open for "Blow Your Mind" by Luca Dayz.

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