Meet 1Dru: An Artist Who Is Authentic By Nature

In a world of "copy-and-paste" lyricists, 1Dru chooses to pen original rhymes that, as he puts it, are never borrowed. As his moniker suggests, the "Shooting Star" rapper stays true to himself, while remembering that there's only "1Dru". Often, he's transparent when speaking on dark moments throughout his life. But during others, 1Dru boastfully raps about a "diamond he found in the night while on a dirt road," which can be heard on "Mission," paper-chasing, his knack for rapping, his drip, and staying lifted. When he's not the topic of conversation in songs, 1Dru uses his words to motivate others, which in turn, helps them find light from the shadows. Likewise, he takes a skillful approach when speaking about both political and societal issues. For instance, his song, "Memory Lane" anonymously unifies the human race by offering some heavy bars about how 'we're allies' and 'could be one of the same.' Realistically speaking, the color of our skin shouldn't determine what our fate holds.

All in all, 1Dru pays kindness forward in the most enriching way. His Southern hospitality transfers over to those who've once felt alone. And as a result, listeners find a confidant in 1Dru. "I'd say I have a more realistic sound. I like to say what I do is real rap," he says, "Hip-hop has brought all walks of life together. I have seen it first hand. For example, everyone in my circle right now. The people I say are on the same team as me. I consider them family. I didn't know one of them last year at this time. Imagine next year or the year after that."

1Dru's musical journey started once he started writing poetry." I was influenced by how the words were put together in such a way you had to figure out what it meant." he adds. Eventually, he discovered hip-hop, which transitioned to him writing rhymes and sharing them with friends. "I know now the music is what made me want to do this." Eminem is his biggest inspiration, along with Lil Wayne, Jay Z, Biggie, Tupac, Dr. Dre, T.I, Nelly, and 50 Cent.

1Dru's sound tends to be a reflection of his mood, so how he's feeling plays a big part." Beat selection is also a factor. I tend to speak reality." His love for fast rap comes with clarity, and that's what keeps it so sharp. If 1Dru likes the beat, then he might make a freestyle, to figure out the flow, and how to start the song. Next, he'll profusely write. Sometimes it could be a couple of hours or even days. "Just depends on the process. But go with it and trust the process and trust yourself. Have fun."

Moving forward, 1Dru is prepping for the release of his mixtape, Coffins. Coffins is a collaboration mixtape from himself and Bruh Rome. "This project was enjoyable to make. Bruh and I mesh well together. We really just would get in the studio and get a beat or already have a beat ready and just throw out ideas. If they were good, we went with it. Just having fun creating." He's also going to be an opening act for Ashton Martin's Netherlands Tour. 1Dru shouts Ashton Martin out and his manager for the opportunity. After the tour, 1Dru plans on making and pushing more music, performing more, and networking more.

For those who are aspiring rappers, 1Dru leaves you with this word of advice: "DREAM BIG!!! You have to believe it before anyone else. You only have one life and don’t care what other people think. That’s the hardest I think is learning to not care what your peers think but remember their your peers not God."

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By: Natalee Gilbert

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