Meet Young Bail: CEO Of All Work, No Sleep

Holding a certain power behind his grind that can't be matched, South Carolina based Young Bail prospers in both the music industry and everyday life. Along the way, the outspoken rapper climbs up the ladder and stack Benjamins. Without a question, Bail’s independency has made him see the bigger picture. He’s more aware of how to move in certain situations (including ones with fugazies.) Likewise, he never folds. Instead of dwelling, Bail stays positive. After all, pressure does make diamonds.

His latest project Sincerely Yours goes more in-depth about these statements. Aside from letting listeners into his world and creating a common-ground, Bail makes it known that respect must be earned. Additionally, Sincerely Yours tells others that he’s not with the drama or accusations. What Bail aims to do is make it out and see better days.

His song “Nightmares” says “dark and cold, niggas know when I pop” whereas “Nights” stresses that “the future is a long shot, I’m living for the moment.” Production-wise, Sincerely Yours varies with its hip-hop approach. One minute it is upbeat. Then the next, it’ll get gritty. Throughout the album Bail will speak with a raspy, articulate rhyme scheme, demanding attention without much effort.

All things considered, Bail is only going up from here. Due to his clear-cut honesty, he garners fans from across the nation because who wouldn’t want to listen to someone who keeps it real?

If you haven’t, listen to Sincerely Yours. Just click the picture below:

By: Natalee Gilbert

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