Meet YVNG Wav: An Emotive Artist

YVNG Wav is an artist based out of California who isn’t afraid to tap into his emotions. Rather than display his pain with a teardrop, he lets the music tell-all. Without a filter, he speaks on mental battles, his dealings with women, the ones he’s loved and lost, and about keeping his faith alive, “I would describe my sound as emotive more than anything else.” he continues, “It’s also ADHD music. It’s all over the place music made for people with tastes like mine, and it’s not a big niche for people like that, I don’t think. From Sufjan Stevens to Explosions in the Sky to like Future and shit, I guess. I tend to stress creating emotion through sound rather than through technical wordplay or strict song construction.” Sonically, YVNG Wav explores a deep auto-tune. His sound palette dabbles in alternative R&B and rock, but mostly trap and alternative hip-hop. Not every track is the same; it varies on subjects and genres, ”You should expect to hella judgemental.” WAV adds, ”One moment its 808s and rhymes. Then it's a beautiful piano loop, bars, and singing.” His only rule when creating music is brutal self-honesty in the present moment. Or as he says ’Perfect as imperfection type shit.’ Wav’s latest project, Exotic Fish, sees the rapper taking melodic rap to new heights. Ultimately he blends ‘too-cool-for-school’ bars with alternative rock, rap, and pop. The name ‘Yvng Wav’ draws from his last name, which is Young, but he didn’t want to be called “young” because there are many artists who are referenced as such. His cousin, who just so happens to engineer for him, said WAV was always independent. Then, WAV’s cousin went on to say that his music is wavy. That comment alone sparked a plug, “Wav is a play on .wav file: the highest quality form of audio.” he says. Wav’s approach to music is relatively simple. Once he has a cup of coffee and some barbiturates, WAV finds solace in various instrumentals (but they must only be played on his terms). Afterward, he’ll go into the booth and freestyle until its a hit or just plain repetitive. Fun fact: WAV’s “Dead” is 3 takes whereas “Kurt Hendrix” was made in 15 minutes. “I’m not a punchline user, but you know the pokemon duskull? When you find them lil bruhs in the wild, they be like “graaaaa,” but it’s like cute and shit. So I made that my trademark ad-lib.” Moving forward, except YVNG Wav to release more singles, projects, and market more. “Music saved my life in my childhood. It was a way to escape wherever I was. Music made my life feel like it had meaning; the way a fitting movie soundtrack makes a movie hit differently.”

Click on the picture below to hear YVNG Wav's music:

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