MK Loaded: An Artist Who Stays Locked Into His Sound

Self-defined as an "unorthodox creative/modern-day rockstar/recording artist," MK Loaded stays locked into his craft 24/7. But once Loaded looks over his shoulders, the "Chosen" rapper spots fakes from a mile away. Within lyrics, Loaded addresses this natural gift, along with his loyalty for day ones, and money-making mindset. In 2018, Loaded's beat selection drew from trap yet focused solely on a heavy base and 808's. Now, his arrangements live up to his said characteristic. The beats at hand take on electric guitar progressions and the same trap-feel like his previous work to balance things out. "The creative process varies on every record I create. It varies. One thing is for certain, though! There is a lot of weed involved." Loaded adds. Regardless of what he's dealing with that day, Loaded will retaliate with solid bangers and notable flexicution. "My music just allows you to catch a vibe," he says, "You can be anywhere..home, the car, the office, with your significant other loved ones, friends, etc."

MK Loaded chose his name because of his government, Michael Kenner. The "Loaded" part is a reference to being fully loaded and ready to make things happen with his music and brand, 2323 Entertainment. One of Loaded's strengths in music falls under being different. His sound, unlike others, proves that he’s determined to elevate in the hip-hop scene. Lines like “Hit you up that’s a double entendre walk around with flesh full of armor” proves that he’s a force to be reckoned with. Moving forward, expect Loaded to be on tour. He'll also be putting together some visuals and working on the 2323 Brand clothing line. Merch will be coming soon.

“Music saves lives music inspires music heals music resonates with those who relate to it. Music awakens the spirit! MK Loaded in this bitch going crazy.”

By: Natalee Gilbert

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