PFEMG - 'The 4 Horsemen' Review

PFEMG, comprised of Scrub Woofer, Lady J, Chedda, and Sheemy, are true riders for each other and the hip-hop game. Armoring their wordplay with witty punchlines and confidence, the four rappers do justice in showing that they've got a hustler's mentality. Day in and out, they come together and compose rhymes that preach self-love.

They also speak about carrying a strong suit of tenacity, supporting their loved ones, the power behind authenticity, and even drop warning bars for individuals who speak a little bit too freely.

All-in-all, they prove that believing in their artistry and friendship goes a long way. Without the two elements, it's hard to elevate on a personal and business level.

Their musical styling is a mix of the new and old school. Moreso, they spit effortlessly over trap and hip-hop beats with the right amount of bass. Given these points, it's evident that PFEMG will flourish at ease in the hip-hop scene. Even the BYB team, DJ Suss One, and Pree Bet vouch for this statement!

Their project, The 4 Horsemen, puts each member's talent on full display. Additionally, the project shows the rapper's strengths. Each track starts with a horse neighing. Then the artists go in! We hear stories about brushing haters to the side, upholding a money-making mind state, loyalty, enduring heartbreak, and how the group hones into their craft. PFEMG even makes an ode to their state, New York, in "Yerrr." One of the rappers spits in the chorus, "We in the city that never sleeps, so put it on repeat." Sonically, The 4 Horsemen crosses between trap, hip-hop, and R&B.

The rap group recently sat down with Amber Lé, the editor-in-chief of The Feature Presentation, to speak about their most significant accomplishments, musical journeys, and more! Read below:

Amber: What inspired you guys to do music?

Scrub Woofer: All I have known was music. The feeling music gives me and the love I continue to have for it is beyond the love I live and breathe music. I started remixing songs at an early age which led me to doing beats in my early teens.

Lady J: Doing music with my siblings and cousin at a young age, listening to my grandfather playing guitar at gatherings, and singing all night. The feeling I get just listening to music can help any mood you in.

Chedda: My grandfather started playing the guitar for me when I was younger. He would try to teach me how to play but I was not with it. Lol. I started really getting into music/Rapping in 2012 because I started listening to Juicy J, Chinx Drugs.

Sheemy: I started writing when I was 14/15 years old but never shared it with anyone till my senior year. I really got inspired when PFEMG came together. They heard me rap at one of their parties and I never looked back since. I am ultimately inspired by them.

Amber: What would you say is your biggest accomplishment thus far as an artist?

Scrub Woofer: Getting PFEMG to come together and acknowledging the strength of everyone in the team. The effortless chemistry and the effortless work to make timeless music.

Lady J: Rapping! I started music singing so to find my voice in rapping amongst my team was a challenge and a goal I achieved. Winning first place twice.

Chedda: First one joining the team, Second winning at the Who got it concert. Third dropping my first EP split personality with the help of my team. Best/proud moments for me.

Sheemy: Taking the music seriously, staying consistent with our progress and our chemistry. Slowly making believers out of people with each song that we present to them. Even during the pandemic.

Amber: What is your writing process like?

Scrub Woofer: I just hear a sound or some one’s song and if I feel it or I know the tune is not going to get out of my head, I make a beat that gives me the same feeling at least close to it and I zone out in my process to make great music.

Lady J: It Varies I love to vibe with my team just seat in the room and play the beat. I do not mind a quiet time or two in my process.

Chedda: Is kind of weird for someone in a group. Lol. I just want everything quiet, Just me and the beat. Even though some of my best work comes from the team freestyling and saying random stuff.

Sheemy: Our writing process is so organic together, so it just flows. I just hear the beat and my mind starts going to work. Different life experiences just run through my head and I find creative ways to manifest them every time.

Amber: What are the pressures of being a female rapper?

Scrub Woofer: The image everybody wants you to have. Looking a certain way just to get your music heard. Men do not have that problem.

Lady J: Image of course. Not being able to be yourself. Its pressure for females to be the same way.

Chedda: They have it hard. All I can say sex really sells. I wish it was not like that cause I have heard good female rappers that are slept on.

Sheemy: In a male dominated industry sometimes talent comes secondary to the looks, I guess. It is just naturally harder to get the focus to the music.

Amber: What do you want your legacy to be?

Scrub Woofer: Timeless and Great…. That is all! Lol.

Lady J: For PFEMG to not just be a group but for us to be a brand.

Chedda: To teach people that a little change is okay and to have an impact in people lives. To be remembered for more than just music.

Sheemy: Longevity, and have our music played long after our run. “Timeless”

Listen to The 4 Horsemen by PFEMG here:

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