Rapper, Big Bushgi & His Single "Do Enough"

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Big Bushgi is an artist who wears many hats. Aside from being a rapper, Big Bushgi is a singer and producer. Down the timeline, he's curated soundscapes for The Game, Juicy J, Omg Girlz, 821, and Fivio Foreign, to name a few. Not to mention, his musical direction has gotten a thumbs up from listeners worldwide due to Big Bushgi's ability to bridge trap and R&B music. Case in point, the "Crooks Theme" emcee is a distinctive musician who paves his own lane in the music industry.

Big Bushgi's newest song, "Do Enough," is a trap offering that takes slight admiration from an orchestra. The lyrics at hand see Big Bushgi using motivational rhymes to push those who've been feeling discouraged. He says in the chorus, "keep going, can't stop. Won't stop."

As the song continues, Big Bushgi unveils what he does to get a bag, saying along the way that if his girl treats him right, he'll treat her even better. Toward the minute mark comes in, he details what has been weighing heavy on his mind lately, "I hate waking up, feeling like I don't do enough/My b*tch thinkin I be creeping, baby, you know you enough."

Additionally, Big Bushgi forewarns others, telling them that it's best to stay on your P and Q's because "imagine what he'll [a hater will] try to do to us."

Church inspired Big Bushgi to craft music. This same religious monument drove him to learn the piano, drums, and other instruments.

He adds that singing and rapping are apart of his expression. "I got hip to R&B after hearing Carl Thomas' album, Emotional. Biggie and OutKast turned me out to hip hop."

When putting his rhymes together, Big Bushgi likes to listen to the beat and go for what feels right. Without a pen and pad, Big Bushgi goes four by four in the booth.

"I like to create freely. I feel when you write down bars, you limit yourself to a certain flow or cadence," he adds.

One of the many accomplishments he's scored thus far dates back to his younger years. During that time, Big Bushgi got a major record deal and received co-signs from some industry greats.

In the grand scheme of things, he wants to go down in history. Ultimately, setting new standards for music is the motive. Big Bushgi strives to have timeless records under his belt.

"I want to move a crowd with a message that can change the nation. The message is: Be who and what you want. Don't let people tell you what you should be except you first and the world would follow."

Listen to "Do Enough" here.

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