RETROI$AWESOME is here to deliver a PSA towards the envious individuals in his new song, "HATE/$HINE." Instead of hating from the sidelines, RETROI$AWESOME recommends that they channel that energy into creating their own success story. In the chorus, he delivers this one empowering line, "Quit all the hate and get you some money, my n*gga."

Deeper into the song, the rapper reflects on his past and come up while delivering direct bars about smack talkers who put lies in the air daily. He spits, "And I'm sorry, but the lame sh*t repetitive/N*ggas need to take it down a notch like a sedative."

Then, he gives thanks to the Most High for keeping him safe and in good spirits.

"I gotta thank god that's a definite/Wasn't for him looking out, probably would've left the sh*t."

Afterward, RETROI$AWESOME does a subtle flex before informing others to choose the light over hate. In the end, they're guaranteed to shine every time.

He drops bars over an ambient R&B soundscape that gives off calm vibes. The music video sees RETROI$AWESOME wearing a camouflage durag, a jersey, and red pants while standing on rocks over a waterfall.

Watch the music video for "HATE/$HINE" by RETROI$AWESOME here:

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