Single Review - "2Nite" by ProfitEli

On "2Nite" by ProfitEli, the up-and-coming musician wears his heart on his sleeve and lets it take the lead when expressing how he feels about a divine feminine.

Throughout the song, Eli oscillates between swift and ballad-like cadences. Likewise, his vocal register and projective runs are reminiscent of Bryson Tiller. Sonically, "2Nite" slightly draws from Aaliyah's "I Don't Wanna," yet contains more synths and a booming bass. Towards the two and a half minute mark, Eli begins spitting bars that'll leave anyone tongue-tied if they tried to rap along. Between lines, he reflects on a love that was so bittersweet, while dropping gems about what he's learned from past relationships.

Overall, "Mr. Insomnia" wants his honey to know that she's "queen of the hive." If she's willing to step in the name of love, he'll take strides.

Click on the photo below to listen to "2Nite" by ProfitEli.

By: Natalee Gilbert

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