Single Review - "Beat Boxin'" By Interstate Runnaz

Interstate Runnaz's "Beat Boxin'" (prod. by Blackrose) carries an eerie, harmonic refrain, and punchlines that are guaranteed to knock out the competition out there. Now and then, listeners can hear a brief piano break as well. Hip-hop disciples Xani and J45 choose to bop and weave over the thumping 808 with oscillating flows and merciless rhymes, while Fynesse opts for a calm, cool, and collected approach that still keeps haters in check. Ultimately, they're coming for what they deserve. No matter the circumstance, they'll work hard and keep pushing out great music.

Additionally, they assure that things can get poppin' if need be. Case in point, it's best to be respectful. After all, the four hone into their skill, showing that they've got rhyming down to a science.

If you haven't already, listen to "Beat Boxin'" by Interstate Runnaz below. Just click on the picture.

By: Natalee Gilbert

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