Single Review - "All On You" by CoolKid Cannon ft. Wxnder Y

CoolKid Cannon expresses his views on a recent romantic escapade in his new single, "All On You ft. Wxnder Y" Over a bass-led island-like soundscape, CoolKid Cannon speaks about a love interest who prefers to keep him a secret. Though he'd like to be exclusive with her, he doesn't mind keeping their relationship for keeps. CoolKid Cannon raps, "Book a flight to the coast/When season approach/Quick as I pay for it/She quicker to ghost

The reason that you even got pictures to post/Let em know/You can hit my line anytime/Keep it on the low that's fine/I know you not mine/Don't mean I won't try though."

As the song continues, he unveils his dealings with love and relationships, saying, "every woman I'm around is bound to leave/Probably cause I never give em the time they need."

Overall, he says that no matter what, he'll always fight for what he loves. Delivery-wise, CoolKid Cannon oscillates between a laid-back and projective approach.

Listen to "All On You" by CoolKid Cannon below. Just click on the artwork.

By: Natalee Gilbert

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