Single Review - "Flexxin’" by Presh Xoxo

Presh Xoxo’s “Flexxin’” commences once the spacey, white noise makes way for a lush piano progression. After it’s brief appearance, you can hear Presh Xoxo’s honeyed voice through the speaker say, “Flexin’ on you.” Without delay, the tempo speeds up. Between her lyrics Presh Xoxo calls out her lover’s infidelity. Although it hurt, she isn’t phased. Instead she opts to flex heavy because why should she trip? Honestly, Presh Xoxo put her all into the relationship.. so who’s really in the wrong?

Showing no signs of remorse, Presh Xoxo raps swag-fully: “Memories from me seeing texts from your old boo/Brung it up to ya, told me I’m trippin’ (x2),” and “I was so loyal, the kid was so royal. Spoiled you, they toy with you. Fought for you just like a lawyer do/Now forget to hit you back and all that. Chillin’ with some dude and I said I’ll call you back.” Following her ascending flow, Presh Xoxo transitions into a soft, harmonic note range. She admits vengefulness got the best of her and apologizes. But at the same time Presh Xoxo had to get her payback. In other words, Presh Xoxo is “Got him real mad like put your guns down.” Word of advice: Don’t lose a diamond while chasing a jewel.

If you haven’t already, listen to “Flexxin’” by Phresh Xoxo. Just click on the picture below.

By: Natalee Gilbert

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