Single Review- "Me & My Thoughts" by Bishop Nehru

Working around the clock past bedtime, New York-based Bishop Nehru draws from the drum-rolls in "Me & My Thoughts" soundscape to celebrate his everlasting accomplishments. Additionally, "Me & My Thoughts" throws in stimulating wind percussion's, low-hitting hi-hats & even an unwavering baseline. On the whole, this particular track revives waning creativity found in the hip-hop scene. Because of his complexional rhymes & honesty, Nehru is able to boast proudly and he has evidence to back it up, literal and vise versa.

Despite others throwing shade, the emcee shined (& grinded) to get to where he is today. As he submerged into a "go and get it" mentality, Nehru beat the odds & got even at naysayers with a positive outlook towards life. Granted that Nehru was sure of himself, "Bishy got shit locked down like fed time" & now, he garners fans on a daily basis.

Honestly speaking, its safe to say Nehru is one of the greats. As he flips the script on different genres, Nehru channels into his highest self and listeners effortlessly visualize the words that escape from his lips.

Referencing to his track, Nehru says “Me & My Thoughts is probably, in all actuality, the most colorful feeling song on the album. There isn't much for me to say about it to be honest, as I feel the title is pretty self-explanatory. It's a song about Me... &... My thoughts... haha. Confidence in your own abilities is key, & understanding YOUR mind & what YOU want for YOURSELF are key. You'll hear what I mean when I say, this is probably the most colorful feeling song on the album. When you listen to the album as a whole and this track pops up."

If you haven’t already, stream “Me & My Thoughts” by clicking the picture below:

According to The Hype Magazine, his new album, My Disregarded Thoughts is divided into two acts – ‘The Abyss’ and ‘The Escape . Bishop Nehru says this project is the most personal and purposeful project to date.

My Disregarded Thoughts' date is currently up for keeps.

By: Natalee Gilbert

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