Single Review - "Melodies Cry" by Rise

Punching through the speakers with a booming baseline and a video game ridden soundscape, Rise's "Melodies Cry" sees the newfound rapper reflecting on self-growth, realizations, and prosperity. Through an A Boogie wit da Hoodie-inspired flow, Rise presents listeners with emotional vulnerability and motivation to get ahead in life.

Lines like "When I look up, vision getting clearer/see a better person when I look into the mirror," and "Learning more than what's on the surface, digging deep and now I found the source to all of my hurtin'/They say the sky's the limit. They tryna disguise the limit," go to prove this claim.

Overall, "Melodies Cry" encourages others to take life lessons with a grain of salt. There's always room for improvement, so why keep it vacant?

If you haven't already, listen to "Melodies Cry" by Rise below. Just click the picture.

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