Single Review - "Money" by Young Bail

In Young Bail's new single, "Money," the rapper follows the "C.R.E.A.M" motto that was once set by the Wu Tang Clan, yet goes to forewarn others about money being the root of all evil. Through lyrics, the Brunswick Star raps that "even when you're eating, you've got to watch upon your circle," because "it's a never-ending cycle and the close ones will hurt you. That's why trust is minimal/Money will make you pitiful." Sure it does great things, like allow you to buy particular wants, and it pays for needs, but Money can also get you ridiculed." Sometimes the green can make us feel invincible and in power. But at certain times, others don't want to see their loved ones win, so they'll try to take it from them. Once you have a little stash, you'll see the light, come to dark. He advises the money-chasing individuals to protect their energy at all times.

In summary, it's best to stay on your P's and Q's. Just low-key work around the clock and you'll gain a fortune. In Young Bail's case, he just might marry the dough. Production-wise, "Money" carries a crescendo-like beat, booming baseline, and hi-hats.

Listen to "Money" by Young Bail below by clicking on the picture:

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