Single Review - "On My Way" by Styllz Foreign

New Jersey-based artist Styllz Foreign dubs those who've suddenly switched sides in his latest single, "On My Way." In a straightforward approach, Styllz holds nothing back when talking to women who want to show him, love. And while this may be normal, Styllz sheds light on the dark reality of it all. They've only piqued interest because Styllz is getting to the bag and dons top-tier drip.

Deeper into the song, the musician shows that he's not oblivious to their tactics. He raps, "I be like all diamonds flooded man, and all these bitches love it/Crazy what these bitches will do for the money/They don't know me well, but I flow so well." Towards the end, the soundscape is led by a muffled piano loop before the rhythm picks back up. Then, Styllz and back vocalists chant part of the song's chorus.

"On My Way" uses an R&B type beat that consists of piano loops, a steel pan drum, open hi-hats, and thumping 808's. Vocally, Stylz Foreign carries a bouncy, melodic cadence.

Listen to "On My Way" by Styllz Foreign below by clicking on the photo.

By: Natalee Gilbert

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