Single Review - "PERCOCET$$" by Stacky

If you need some perkys or lean, Stacky assures that hes got you covered.

Over a rapid spacey, bass-heavy backdrop, Stacky says in auto-crooning that he might as well be titled the plug king. By the 0:27 mark, violin chords intervene. Then “Percocet$$” goes into a different backdrop, still inspired by space. Going further into the track, he says “A couple 100’s in my jeans/Gotta stack it up cause life ain’t what it seems.” Afterwards, Stacky uses a fast-paced flow to flex and speak about how he needs to stack his dough. Sonically, “Percocet$$” also gives listeners an earful of reverbs, 808’s and a bright tempo. If Stacky asks “what you want?” you better speak up. These two medicinals are hard to find.

By: Natalee Gilbert

Check out "Percocet$$" by clicking on the picture below.

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