Single Review- "Run Up On Me" by Mo Dollaz

New York-based Mo Dollaz speaks about how he’s going to get it regardless in his latest song, “Run Up On Me.” Production wise, the song takes a eerie trap approach to Dollaz double flow and authentic raspy voice. Essentially, the booming baseline, distorted bell and flute progression, and coin sound effect prove that Dollaz wastes no time. Yet it also goes to say that Dollaz is money-oriented.

Equally important, “The Dripster” throws in memorable punchlines like “I’m on the road, collecting them coins, I feel like like I’m Sonic,” to get the point across even further. Far from selfless, Dollaz remains honest towards women who want that old thing back and pays kindness forward. Take for instance, this punchline, “If you puttin’ up 5, I’ma put a 10.” Here, Dollaz shows that despite his success, he’d like to see others winning too. But don’t take this act for weakness, Dollaz assures that he also has people looking out as well, “I got a brodie, he ain’t a chef but he like to play with them pots and pans.”

All-in-all, Dollaz’s song “Run Up On Me” speaks about how he’s learned to focus on what’s important. Ultimately, this lesson will get you further in life than being hateful or lollygagging. FYI, I advise you to listen closely to “Run Up On Me’s” chorus, for it speaks with volume.

If you haven’t already, stream “Run Up On Me.” Just click the photo below:

By: Natalee Gilbert

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