Single Review - "Sharks" by Migs718

Flooding earstreams worldwide with melodic auto-tune, double-timed flows, a catchy hook, and flex-heavy, combative rhymes; New York native, Migs718's new song, "Sharks," explores swimming with, well, the industry/societal sharks, and going against the current. Amid this, however, Migs718 also makes sure to light a spliff because life's obstacles can leave one in uncharted waters.

The soundscape for "Sharks" is led by a wind percussion, backed by a booming baseline and followed with steady hi-hats. As the track moves forward, Migs718 speaks on keeping his focus (even if it means not getting shut-eye). He also quotes Finding Nemo's Dory, saying to everyone anonymously: keep swimming. Touting lyrics like "Silence the enemy born in the dark /You a Lil' fish now you swimming with sharks," Migs718 hones into his craft low-key and lets his music speak volumes once it's showcased for all to hear.

Other notable lines include: "I been the goat before rap and I go for the plaques/With a ghost in the back, you see we never cap you want smoke you get clapped we been making a splash," and "I ain't really bout scuffing my sneaks, nah /But I can still master ya beat/They playing my song on repeat/I got a lot on my mind/I ain't on nothing except for my grind."

He says during an interview with Bay Area’s Innovator510’s Dash Radio Show, “Right now I am working on singles. Single after single. Every single song is going to sound like me, but they are going to be completely different types of energy.”

If you haven't already, listen to "Sharks" by Migs718. Click on the photo below:

By: Natalee Gilbert

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