Single Review - "The Sweetest" by Monét

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Monét’s “The Sweetest” sees the songstress proclaiming her love towards a man who’s “swept her right off her feet.” Over the xylophone progression, Caribbean-inspired palette, and knocking 808, Monèt uses a honeyed vocal range in means of showing her man that she will ride for him at all cost. If he becomes doubtful of how she feels, Monèt will remind him in a song that “she’ll ride for him at all cost.” Given this statement, the singer explores her feelings, saying that she’s grateful that he’s found her. Leaning in, you can tell how head over heels she is based on the note range. “The Sweetest” ultimately extends itself via note range. As she sings, “You know imma ride for you and only you, I’ll say it loudly/And when they tell us to be quiet, yeah, we get a little rowdy.” listeners hear the crescendo take over. It’s safe to say that Monét might get cavities because he is just too damn sweet!

As the track continues, her feature speaks in a male’s perspective, expressing how he feels the same. Amid his verse, “The Sweetest” takes on sporadically-pleasing beat cuts, proving that nothing could diminish the way he feels for her. Truthfully, “The Sweetest” goes in-depth about a love so strong. Nothing or no one can tear the two apart.

If you haven’t already, listen to “The Sweetest” by clicking the photo below:

By: Natalee Gilbert

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