Single Review - "Want It All" by Tajh Virgil

Tajh Virgil’s “Want It All” gives some words of encouragement for those in distress. Over the spacey trap beat, Virgil taps into his auto-croon to tell others to never lose hope. For instance, Virgil explains in this line that “what don’t make dollars gonna make sense.” Time is a virtue, after all. Aside from this, Virgil creates a common ground by speaking about his own hardships. Long ago, Virgil says he envisioned marrying a queen but now he’s married to the green. Case in point, Virgil’s undying grind has gotten him to the top of the charts. This little excerpt serves as his self-realization, “Got to feed my D.O.G’s, had to check my pedigree/Don’t need no girl, had to focus on my destiny.” Moving forward, “Want It All” gets more vigorous with its deliverance. As the 808’s bang heavy, Virgil’s positivity transfers over to those listening and they too see the silver lining. Just remember, “It can get scary sometimes when you’re all alone/You start to look around and see no one that you know/Been fighting your whole life and your backs against the road/Just hold on till the end of the road. Gotta have patience, there’s something different for you waiting.”

If you haven’t already, listen to “Want It All” by Tajh Virgil by clicking the photo below:

By: Natalee Gilbert

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