Single + Video Review - "New York and Newports" by ARTZ

New York has had a heavy influence on how this flourishing artist moves. Since ARTZ is from a state that never gets shut-eye, he does the same when faced against the clock. His song,New York and Newports” gives listeners a glimpse of this work ethic. Aside from embarking on his past financial troubles, “New York and Newports” says that he’s at the pinnacle because of hard-work and rational investments. Furthermore, “New York and Newports” carries a playful beat with infectious blare snippets and a subtle 808. The line “You prefer to get high just so you don’t feel the sting/Lately I don’t feel a thing, but that feeling never stays, I got rent due today,” gives listeners the jist of his mentality. ARTZ plans on working hard to play hard, “By the sand on a hammock/I was slick with the grammar now.”

The visual for “New York and Newports” is nostalgic towards those good old days. Starting off, the camera gets a shot of a women with rainbow skin and ARTZ waking up. Somewhere along the lines, he says some words that hold weight “My dreams get interrupted by sirens and subway trains. When the smoke clears, you get to understand the reality.” ARTZ even says that “hustle determines value,” and “you got to be a man of the people and still be one of them.” Following after, ARTZ gets ready for the day. Then, he takes a stroll down the block and enters a store with familiar faces. Every so often, viewers will catch a glimpse of a women offering ARTZ a cigarette and him politely declining. They'll also scope out transitions of ARTZ at the basketball court because he remisces on moments with friends, "Bring it back like I’m playing full court/after school, at the park smoking L’s at the hand ball court like YERRRR.” Before this scene is a black and white shot of someone swiping a metro card because Artz says "claim I’m New York like a Metro or a bus down.” Likewise, a cigarette burning makes way in means of showing that time flies.

If you haven't already, stream ARTZ's album No Sleep : 25/8. The visual for New York and Newports" can be seen below:

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