Single + Visual Review - "2tabs2many" By The i OF A Genius

In all its one minute and thirty-four-second glory, “2tabs2many” sees The i OF A Genius using his signature rasp in double-time flows.

Between lyrics, he’s reflective about the criminal justice system, and inner thoughts.

Likewise, the “HiGHBEAM” rapper gives a little insight into women giving him fellatio. He even calls the bluff of opposers and comes to terms that we all could be the same. Lastly, The i OF A Genius speaks about his “blaze it” movement. He raps: “Coughing when I crumble/Wax got me retracing.” Production-wise, “2tabs2many” carries a jazzy soundscape with projective cymbals, a kick drum, playful piano progression, and violins.

In the visual, The i OF A Genius dons a yellow tee and two Dutch braids. Amid flickering neon lights in the city, Genius strolls the block and begins to rap. Then, the video shows a full shot of what appears to be China Town.

Afterward, it cuts to Genius spitting bars while sitting, while he’s near an ATM, and while he’s in a building with white bars. Shortly after, he changes into a pink shirt and begins to show off some dance moves. Towards the end, Genius catches the vibe! He’s now rocking a high ponytail and a yellow spring breaker.

The last clip gives credits to a streetwear and skate clothing brand called: All I Know Is Goon. Following after, viewers can see the album work for “2tabs2many.” Other notable lines include: "Shameless shameless/Who shall now come angry?/And anguish/And be the victim/Who can obtain this System?," "Make hits that are ancient/Yes yo bars they ain't shit," and "Taste a piece of my brains/Now we feel my wave steam."

Watch the video for "2tabs2many" by The i OF A Genius below:

By: Natalee Gilbert

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