Single Review - "Betrayal" by Lada Beseda

Lada Beseda's guitar-led single, "Betrayal," sees someone dealing with a whirlwind of emotions after a terrible split. Yet this break-up was like no other. In short, this person was stabbed in the back by someone who, as Beseda's lyrics say, "told me I'll be safe/And burned me in the flame." Although it wasn't their fault, this person can't help but feel foolish. They believed every single word that escaped from their former lover's lips. Sure, their ex is apologetic to the max, but the individual needs much more than time. A shower of gifts or affection just won't do.

Towards the end, Beseda's song acknowledges that the pain won't fade away instantly, but "this too shall pass." Slowly but surely, they'll adapt to the change and work towards more self-love. In her newest release, Beseda uses a soft, clear-cut register, which is both felt and heard. The soundscape carries an atmospheric feel and meshes different guitar chords with a beating drum. This song is ultimately an embodiment of wearing one's heart on their sleeve. As per Beseda's press release, " 'Betrayal' discusses heartbreak and is inspired by a true story. "One of my fans told me a story about how his girlfriend cheated on him. The story was very touching, so I ended up making a song based on the situation." 

If you haven't already, listen to "Betrayal" by Lada Beseda below. Click on the artwork.

By: Natalee Gilbert

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